Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Car

Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Car

A car is a place where you may spend a substantial amount of time in. Your car is a personal space where you want to feel comfortable. Here are 5 accessories that will make your car journey pleasant for you and the passengers.

Aux Chord

Aux chords are great for those who don’t have a Bluetooth compatible car. The single cable can remove the collection of CDs in your car and free up some space. An aux chord is a must if you’re going on a long trip and don’t want to be stuck with radio tunes!


Hands-Free Bluetooth Kit

If you’re not one to be bogged down with cables, the hands-free Bluetooth kit can make your car multimedia compatible. As well as playing your favourite tunes via your smartphone, you can take calls without having to touch your phone. Most devices with Bluetooth can be used with the device, which makes it a versatile piece of kit.


USB Car Chargers

USB car chargers are extremely useful when you have been out and about and haven’t had the chance to charge your phone. It’s particularly handy on long car journeys when you are using your phone for Maps or playing music. You could create a mini charging station for you and your passengers.


Phone Holder

Of course, using your phone at the wheel is not safe or legal. However, sometimes there you may need to be looking at your phone for quick information. If you use your phone to assist you with navigation, a phone holder is a practical item to have in car. You can angle holders to be at eye level so it’s easier to focus on the road instead of looking down at your phone.


Air Freshener

A pleasant smelling car is something that both the driver and passengers can appreciate! Keep your car smelling fresh with fragrances. You can opt for the classic printed piece of scented cardboard handing off your mirror. Or you can just keep a fragrant object lying around in your car.



Just adding a simple, practical item to your car can make your journey that extra bit easier. Also don’t forget breakdown cover if you don’t have it!




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