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Review of Nova Direct Breakdown Cover

Who are Nova Direct?

Nova Direct is the consumer brand name of Policy Excess Insure limited. They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Nova Direct offer a whole raft of Insurance products: Breakdown Cover, Bicycle Insurance, Caravan Insurance, Gadget Insurance, Home Appliance cover, Home emergency cover, Car Insurance and even Van Insurance. The breath of insurance products available through Nova Direct is nicely summed up by the tag line that greets you on the website; “When life happens, we’ve got you covered
Insurance that works for you, so that you can live more and worry less”

Features of Nova Direct’s Breakdown Cover:

What vehicles can Nova Direct provide breakdown cover on? Most type of vehicles are covered by Nova Direct, this includes: Cars, Light Vans, and Motorbikes.
Please note – In order to be eligible for their breakdown cover, you will need to meet certain criteria.Your vehicle can’t be more than 3,500 kg in gross weight. Maximum of 5.18 meters in length. Age of vehicle is also a criteria, your vehicle needs to be less than 17 years old.

Levels of Breakdown Cover available:

Under vehicle cover, Nova Direct offer 4 levels of cover:
– Basic
– Bronze XS
– Silver XS
– Gold XS

Basic – Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is standard with all breakdown policies, so even if you have the most basic level of cover, you will be able to get roadside help if you experience a problem. This options excludes any breakdown at home. policy is only valid for breakdowns while on the road, more than 1 mile from your home address. Recovery can be done to a local garage within a 25 mile radius.

Bronze XS – National recovery

This option includes the Roadside Assistance. If local recovery is not possible at the time of the Breakdown, or the repair cannot be made within the same day, Nova Direct will arrange for you, your vehicle and up to 4 passengers to be transported to your home or original destination. Recovery to your home over a 25 mile radius

Silver XS – Home Assistance & Onward Travel

In the likelihood your car ends up breaking down in front of your home, then Home Assistance could be an option for that reassurance. Take a real life example of your car failing to start on a cold winter’s morning. The basic policy will not cover you if you need assistance. Nova Direct’s Silver XS policy also include Onward Travel. This is an option where Nova Direct can provide you with a courtesy car, alternative transport or an overnight stay in a hotel should your vehicle breakdown far from your home.

Gold XS – European Breakdown Cover

European Breakdown cover comes as benefit on the Gold XS level of over. In addition to European Breakdown Cover, you also get the benefits of Basic, Bronze, Silver all rolled up into one policy. This policy provides roadside assistance, local recovery and onward travel benefits for up to 31 days per trip in Europe.

Thing to note: There is a claim excess of £40.00, this is required before each unique call out.

We’ve tried to summarise the as much info as possible, should you need further information and details please do visit the Nova Direct website


How much does a Breakdown Cover policy from Nova Direct cost?

Level of cover From Price

Nova Direct

Basic £16.50


Nova Direct

Bronze XS £20.00


Nova Direct

Silver XS £24.25


Nova Direct

Gold XS £47.99


– Basic: £16.50 Per year
– Bronze XS: £20.00
– Silver XS £24.25
– Gold XS £47.99

The above prices have been lifted from the Nova Direct site and are from prices as a means of illustration*. Click through to the Breakdown Assist website for a new and fresh quote

(*Price check on 19th Feb 2022)

Final thoughts

Key thing that stands out, is the allure of the inclusion of European Breakdown Cover on the Gold XS cover. On face value this options seems like one of the cheapest covers out there. However before committing to anything, do make a side by side comparison of other Car Breakdown covers to determine if you are truly getting value for your money.

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