Top Tips for Driving with the Kids in the Back

Top Tips for Driving with the Kids in the Back

 Top Tips for Driving with the Kids in the Back

Driving with the kids can allow for some quality time to be spent with the family. However, sometimes it is a struggle to keep the kids in the back entertained for a full journey. Try some of these tips to prevent the inevitable question of “Are we there yet?”

Hype the Destination

Before you start travelling, build up excitement to the destination that you are going to. This perhaps will keep the children excited throughout the journey. It’s better to have an excited child than a grumpy child!


Comfortable Clothes

If you are going to be travelling for a while, make sure that the kids are in comfortable clothes. It’s best for the children to not be wearing waistbands and tops that are tight as this may cause discomfort.
Bring a spare set of clothes just your child has a mishap in the car.


Allow for Space

Don’t seat your child around bags, luggage or boxes. This will cause the child to feel cramped and claustrophobic.


Play Games

Bring along board games or cards to keep the kids occupied for a while. Though this may not everyone’s favourite solution, the iPad can keep kids occupied for hours.

You can be interactive with the kids and play games that include the whole family, such as the classic “I Spy”. You can mix it up a little by making up games that are related to the area you’re in.


Plan Pit Stops

Children (and adults) will get restless on journeys. Plan pit stops for the kids to get fresh air and move around. Yes, this may delay you getting to a destination, however pit stops are something that will benefit everyone on the journey.


Travel with an Adult

If you can, try and have another adult with you when you are driving. You can delegate the other adult to keep an eye on the kids while you concentrate on the road.


Remain Calm

If there are squabbles with you and the children, it is recommended to stop somewhere safe and resolve the issue. Trying to resolve an issue whilst driving is dangerous. Also if there is a need to stop and pull over safely due to your car breaking down, remain calm and seek help.

Snacks and Drinks

Snacks and drinks will keep everyone on the journey perky and cheerful!

The main thing to keep in mind is to keep the children’s needs in mind. They need to be simulated and comfortable throughout the journey. Keeping these in mind should lead to a hassle free journey.

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